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A Checklist of Postal Machine Cancellations.

Compiled by Richard E. Small

January 1993

Revision O

Machine Cancel Checklist - Revision Record

Revision Description Remarks

C Western US Completed.

D Eastern US from references to 1940. PMCC 12/86

F 6/87 Revised Section 1,2 and 3

G 8/87 Added Illustrations for CO/IF Types R

and F PMCC & MCF

H 9/87 TX Revision (updates from PMCC Convention)

and 1964 PFP). Added HD Slogans from Luff.

I 11/87 Completed conversion to IBM format, WPHM and

updated TX, OH and other PMCC Convention Dortman


J 8/90 Added IN HD data from Bureau Specialist.

K 5/91 Added Barr-Fyke and Barry updates, updated


L 6/91 Added CO,IN HD and UN K updates from MCS members.

M 6/92 Added updates from PMCC 2x4 reference collection

and references PN3, HA2, PR3 and AM6.

N 9/92 Added updates form PMCC 2x4 (Y1) and Willett-Thompson (WT)

Reference Collections.

O 1/93 Miscellaneous additions and corrections.

P 11/95 Added space for day & month. Added IN HD listing, UN K listings

and UN (Rev2) additions, by Bart Billings.

Q 6/96 Added info from Tennessee Machines by L. Steve Edmondson

R 1.2001. First Web version.

Note: Work to be completed:

APO Locations

Luff Slogans after 1940 (west US)

Luff Slogans (east US)

Pray for Peace (PFP) slogans from P64

Slogans from XX Killers

Foreign from MCF

Conversion of Universal to new type system

Additions from REM Catalog (7-1-71 FDCs)





My thanks to the following for their help and encouragement: The authors of Machine Cancel Forum, John R. McGee and John Koontz, and Frederick Langford for original and continuous inspiration on this subject.


This monograph is one in a planned series that will eventually cover the entire United States and some countries of the world.






I "Production" canceling machines. (These I have arbitrarily defined as a machine that is used in 4 or more cities for 4 or more years).

II Experimental canceling machines. The machines not included in section I.

III Illustrations.

IV USA Usage, by State

Orginization of Listings for large cities

Main Post Office

Machine Numbers

Receiving/Transit Markings

Numbered Stations

Letter Stations

Air Mail

Named Stations and Branches


NOTE: Part IV of this check list is published in separate volumes. It is also available on a 3-1/2 inch high-density (1.4 megabyte) computer disk in the IBM compatible format. This disk contains "compressed

data" and uncompressed to over 7 megabytes.

Machine Cancel Database as of Jan 1993


State P.O's Pages State P.O's Pages


AK 54 6 NE 300 32

AL 275 24 NH 193 16

AR 266 29 NJ 607 56

AZ 149 15 NM 98 8

CA 1148 158 NV 49 6

CO 243 26 NY 1588 172

CT 290 31 NC 498 38

DC 18 10 ND 190 25

DE 44 5 OH 760 70

FL 428 45 OK 277 26

GA 354 32 OR 242 22

HI 63 5 PA 124 121

ID 116 11 PR 84 6

IL 906 99 RI 63 6

IN 504 50 SC 225 17

IA 527 50 SD 184 16

KS 348 30 TN 306 25

KY 273 21 TT - Territories 56 7

LA 220 17 TX 864 99

MA 619 74 US - Military 704 26

MD 242 21 UT 98 9

ME 258 20 VA 491 37

MI 685 65 VT 149 14

MN 551 51 WA 348 30

MO 394 39 WI 585 55

MS 266 20 WV 246 20

MT 147 13 WY 87 7

9388 981

1,0533 966

Total U.S. 19921 1947

CN 1076 110

FR 1036 66

Grand Total 22,033 2,123

Section I - Production Machines

Each page is arranged as follows:

Column 1 - Post Office (City) - The Post Office name as it

appears in the postmark, except lower case letters are used for

clarity. More than one uppercase letter is used when it is

necessary to abbreviate. An asterisk (*) prior to the post office

name indicates it is not listed in the current (1989) National

Post Office Directory. Abbreviations used (from the USPS) are:

S - Station (contract) - located within the corporate limits

Sx - Station (official, classified)

B - Branch (contract) - located outside corporate limits

Bx - Branch (official, classified)

CPO - Community Post Office (contract)

P - Former Post Offices now recognized as last line delivery


Column 2 - MFG, the manufacturer code for the company that makes

the canceling machine, as follows (note: the code H is for a hand

stamp and M is for a meter).

Abbreviation Company

AB - American-Bar Machines (AMPC) see REF AM1.

AC - Acme Postal Supply,

AE - American/Ethridge Machine

AH - American by Elijah L. Howard

AM - American Postal Machine Co., Boston, MA. (see also RCM,


AS - American-Stodard Machine (AMPC)

BA - Barry Postal Supply Co, Oswego, NY

BC - Bar Code - a complete listing of these "auxillary" marks

is beyond the scope of this database.

BF - Barr-Fyke Machine Co, Kansas City, MO

CH - Chanberlain MRC, Hunt Valley, MD

CO - Columbia Postal Supply Co, Silver Creek, NY

(Includes Ielfield Machines after 1933)

CU - Cummins Co, Chicago, IL.

DB - Diagraphic-Bradley

DO - Doremus Canceling Machine Co, Washington, DC.

EC - ElectroComm Automation, Arlington, TX

H - Hand Stamp - a complete listing of these "auxillary" marks

is beyond the scope of this database.

HA - Hampden Stamp Canceling Machine Co, Holyoke, MA.

IF - Ielfield, MCF 68,420,1042.

IH - International Hand Driven Machine (IPSC)

IJ - Ink Jet (spray-on) - a complete listing of these "auxillary" marks

is beyond the scope of this database.

IN - International Postal Supply Co

(Now International Peripheral Systems Inc, Lewistown,PA)

KI - Killeen Machine (see Jim Mehrer)

LE - Leavitt Machine

M - A Postal Meter - a complete listing of these "auxillary" marks

is beyond the scope of this database.

NC - National Cash Register Co. (NCR machine now owned by


OC - Optical Character (OCR) - a complete listing of these "auxillary"

marks is beyond the scope of this database.

P - Permit Imprint - a complete listing of these "auxillary" marks

is beyond the scope of this database.

PB - Pitney-Bowes, Stamford, CT.

PE - Perfect Machine, Montreal, Canada

PN - Pneumatic Machine

Time-Marking (see Cummins).

PR - Perfection Machine

PV - Potter & Vail

? - Unknown, refer to the illustration section for example

UN - Universal (Now Owned by Pitney-Bowes).

UK - Universal Model K hand powered machine

Note: A double asterisk (**) prior the manufacturers letters

indicates the earliest date listed is an installation date and

not necessarily the EKU.

Column 3 and 6 - Type. The type designation used by the

following references, as indicated in column 6:

Column 4 - REF (References)

AK1 - The Alaskan Philatelist.

AK2 - F.R.McKain, extracted from ?

AM1 - American Bar Cancels, 1884-1898 by Reg Morris. $10.

AM1a- Update, American Machine Bar Cancels, MCF p.635.

AM2 - American Flag Cancel Die Types, MCF p.869-872, 949-952,


AM3 - American Service Marks, by Reg Morris, MCF p.663

AM4 - American Wavy Line Cancels of Philadelphia,

by Bob Summerell, MCF p.292

AM4a- Update, American Wavy Line of Philadelphia,

by Bob Summerell, MCF p.409

AM5 - American Machine Company Booklet, by Frederick Langford,

MCF p.367

AM6 - American Service Markings by Reg Morris & Bob Payne (1991)

AM7 - American Machine Cancels by Reg Morris (1978).

AM8 - American Machine Update, MCF p.1375

AMF - Air Mail Field Cancels, by Gene Funk, MCF 592.

AMS - (Replaced by reference AM6)

BA1 - Barry Machine Cancels, by Eugene M. Funk and Arthur H.

Bond, USCCN Mar 72.

BA2 - " ", Supplement 1, USCCN 1/73, 3/73

BA3 - " ", Supplement 2, USCCN

BA4 - Barry Postmark & Killer Dies, Periods of Use by Eugene M.

Funk & Authur H. Bond, MCF p.97-98, p.110, p.118-119 and


BA5 - Barry Machine Cancels by Reg Morris and Bob Payne

BF1 - Barr-Fyke Machine Cancels, by Arthur H. Bond, USCCN 3/69,

7/69, 9/69.

BF2 - " ", Supplement, USCCN 9/73

BF3 - Barr-Fyke Machine Cancels by Reg Morris and Bob Payne

BS - Bureau Specialist (Mainly a series of articles on the

International Hand Driven machines, types only - no


CA1 - List of California Post Offices using Canceling Machines,

by Wm Barlow (1953). No manufacturers or types.

CO1 - Usage of Columbia Machine Cancels, Type 1 and 2 by Gene

Funk, MCF p.212-213

CO1a- " ", Update, MCF p.290-291

CO2 - Columbia Machine Cancels - A new typing system by Eugene

Funk, MCF p.686-702.

CO3 - An updating of the Columbia M, O, and P lists with the

addition of the Columbia K-7, by John Koontz, MCF p.1307.

CO4 - Columbia Machine Cancels - An Update, by Gene Funk,

MCF p.1738.

CO6 - Columbia-Ielfield Machine Cancels, by Gene Funk,

MCF p.1746.

CO7 - Columbia Machine Cancels, Wavy-Line, General, by Gene

Funk, MCF p.1904.

(NOTE: The above reference consolidates and replaces the

CO4, CO5 and COW references, it is not used in this


CO8 -

CO9 - Columbia Advertisment in March, 1922 Office Appliances.

CO11 - The Columbia Story, Vol I, Morris, Payne, Holmes

CO12 - The Columbia Story, Vol II, Morris, Payne, Holmes

COD - The Cloumbia Story, Vol IV, Morris, Payne, Holmes

COW - Columbia Machine Cancels with Seven Bar Killers, by Gene

Funk, MCF p.700

COE - Columbia Exposition & Aerial Route Station Cancels, by

Gene Funk, MCF p.701

COEF Columbia Machine Cancels List, by Eugene Funk,

(private memo 8/81)

COG - Columbia type G cancels, by George I. Sickels,

MCF p.295-299

COK - Columbia type K-6, by Gene Funk, MCF p.252-256 and

Columbia type K-8, by Gene Funk, MCF p.329-339

CON - Columbia Naval Machine Cancels, by Eugene Funk, MCF p.410,


COR - Columbia Repeater, by John Koontz, MCF p.197

COS - Columbia Slogan Cancels, by Gene Funk, MCF p.702

COW - Usage of Columbia Wavy-Line Machine Cancels, by Gene Funk.

MCF p.695-699.

COL - Columbia / Ielfield Machines & Postal Markings by Richard

E. Small (Draft copy April 1991)

CU1 - The Time-Marking Machine Co and the B.F Cummins Co., by

Louis Geschwinder, Reg Morris and John Koontz, MCF

CU4 - Update, MCF-1523

CU5 - Update, MCF-1849

CU2 - A Catalog of Time-Marking and Cummins Machine Cancels, by

William F. Rapp, PHUSA Sep/Dec 78.

CU2a - " ", Supplement 1. PHUSA Sep/Dec 79.

CV - Covers (1950 - 1960)

DB1 - Diagraphic-Bradley, by Edward C. Jackson, MCF 89, 354,


DB2 - USPS Cancellations from Ft.Lauderdale, by Louis F.

Geschwinder, MCF p.703.

DC - Dakota Collector

DO1 - Standard Encyclopedia of Doremus Machine Cancels, by

Frederick Langford.

DO2 - Doremus Machine Markings by Samuel Ockun, An Anthology

of Machine Postal Markings, Volume 2 December 1992,

Machine Cancel Society.

DPO1 - Discontinued and Renamed Post Offices in the ZIP Era

1963 through 2000, by Jay W. Lounsbury.

FC - Flag Cancellations

FCE - Flag Cancel Encyclopedia, by Frederick Langford.

(Flags of AM, BA, BF, BK, CO, CU, IM, IN, UN,

AM A6 (6-Bar), AM 6W)

FCF- Flag Cancel Forum, by John Koontz, Nov 1968 to Mar 1974

FD - First Days

FL1 - Flordia Post Offices by Bart Billings

FW - Fleetwood, Cheyenne, WY

HA1 - Hampden Machine Cancels, by Arthur H. Bond, USCCN Mar 70,

May 70 and Jul 70.

HA1a - " ", Supplement #1, USCCN Jul 73.

HA1b - " ", Supplement #2, MCF p.139.

HA2 - Hampden Machine by Reg Morris & Bob Payne (1991)

IF1 - Columbia and Ielfield Cancels after 1933, by Gene Funk,

MCF p.1238.

IF2 - Revised Ielfield Type chart, by Gene Funk, MCF p.1239.

IF3 - More on Ielfield Machine Cancels, by Gene Funk,

MCF p.1263.

IF4 - Columbia-Ielfield Machine Cancels, by Gene Funk, MCF


IF5 - Ielfield Cancellers or Killers, by Gene Funk, MCF p. 1899.

IL1 - Intelex Cancels, by Eugene M. Funk, MCF p.

IH1 - International Hand Driven Machines by Richard E. Small.

IH2 - International Postal Supply Co, Model HD-2 by Bart Billings.

IN1 - International Machine Cancels, 1888-1910, by Arthur Bond.

IN2 - The history, machinery and postal markings of the International

Postal Supply Company of New York by Reg Morris.

IN3 - International Machine Cancels, 1888-1910, by Reg Morris.

INH - International Hand-Driven Machines, by Eugene M. Funk. MCF


INHa- International HD-1, HD-2 and HD-3 Machine Cancels, by

Eugene M. Funk, MCF p.596.

INHD- International Hand-Driven Machines, by Keith Nelson.

PMCCB Apr 50.

INL - The International Model L Machine Cancels, by Eugene Funk.

MCF p.85-86, p.1724 and p.1725.

INN - International Naval Cancels, by Eugene M. Funk, MCF p.533,

599, 1196 - p.1200.

INR - The Van Nuys Flat Machine Canceler, by Hideo R. Yokota,

MCF p.289.

INS - Stars in the Dial, by Gene Funk. MCF p.121

KL1 - Klussendorf Machine, BNA 0481

KL2 - Klussendorf, Quebec, The Line Canceller

KL3 - Klussendorf, Canada - West 1/17/88

KYL - Postal History of Louisville, KY by Louis Cohen


L - U.S. Postal Slogan Catalog, 1968, by Moe Luff. Slogans,

Machines, but no types.

LaP - La Posta

Nov 93 and Jan 94 - Hand Stamped Flags (POC: Randy Stehle)

LN - Linns Stamp News

LE1 - A Descriptive Catalog of The Leavitt Machine

Cancellations by Bob Payne, 2000 UPSS.

MCF - Machine Cancel Forum (John R. McGee, Editor pages 1

through 1980 (1986).

(1987 on, Machine Cancel Society Journal).

ML1- Cancels used at Army & Navy Installations, World War II,

by Eugene Funk, MCF p.511.

ML2- MCF p.505.

ML3- A.P.O. Machine Cancels, World War II, MCF p.388.

ML4- Machine Cancels, U.S. Army Installations, World War I,

By Eugene M. Funk, MCF p.574.

ML5- A Compilation of Naval Machine Cancels, by Eugene M. Funk,

MCF p.576.

ML6- Army-Navy Installations since WW II, by Gene Funk, MCF


ML7- Naval Installations, U.S. & Abroad, by Gene Funk, MCF


ML8 - A History of Machine Postal Markings used abord U S Naval

Vessels by Bart Billings

NC - Post Offices and Postmasters of North Carolina by NC Postal

History Society

NC1 - Special NCR Cancels of New York, by Eugene Funk, MCF


NC2 - Postmark Pursuit, by Elaine Boughner, Linns, Jul 5 82.

NC3 - Purple Postmarks, by Bill Henderson, PMCC Bulletin,

May 82.

NC4 - More on Purple Postmarks, by Richard Wonson,

PMCC Bulletin.

NE1 - Nebraska Altered State Abbreviations, MCF p.10348

NE2 - ", MCF p.1305

NE3 - ", PHUSA- 9/80

P64 - Pray For Peace List by Walt and Mildred Montgomery (1964)

P92 - Pray For Pease List by Bob Miligan (1992)

PHN1- The Postal Historians Notebook, Part I, by K.F. Olson.

(BN, GC, ET, types and usage).

PHN2 - The Postal Historians Notebook, Part 2, by K.F. Olson.

PHU - Postal History U.S.A., Crete, NE

PM - Postal Markings (1930 - 1940).

PN1 - Pneumatic Machine, by Arthur Bond, USCCN Nov 71, Jan 72

PN1a - Pneumatic Supplement, USCCN May 73.

PN1b - Pneumatic update, MCF-472

PN2 - Pneumatic Machine by Reg Morris & Bob Payne (1991)

PB1 - Pitney-Bowes Machine Cancellations, by John Koontz. MCF

p.82, 112, 130, 307 and 308.

PB2 - The Straight-Line Mark II Machine Cancel, by Eugene M.

Funk. PHUSA Dec 80.

PB3 - Mark II Cancels, Straight-Line Killers, by Eugene M. Funk,

PHUSA Mar 82.

PB4 - The Pitney-Bowes Facer-Canceler, by Moe Luff, MCF p.781.

PB5 - Postmark Pursuit, by Elaine Boughner, Linns Jul 5 82

PB6 - Straight-Line Killer Mark II Cancels, by Gene Funk, MCF


PB7 - Mark II Purple Ink Cancels, by Gene Funk, MCF p.1549.

PB8 - Purple Postal Markings Impressed by Facer/Cancellers & Other/

Machines During the period 1963-1974 / 1981-1984 by Bart Billings.

PBS - The Story of Pitney-Bowes, by William Cahn (1961)

PBP - Providence Postmark, USCCN Nov 65

PMG - Postmaster General Annual Reports

PN1 - Pneumatic Machine Cancels, by Arthur H. Bond, USCCN

U.S.Cancellations Ckub News Nov 1971 pages 90-91, Jan 1972

pages 4-7 and May 1973 page 74.

PN2 - New Pneumatic Bond Type E Date and Pneumatic -

Indianapolis, IND, New Type 1-A, by John W. Koontz, MCF

p. 573 and p.591.

PN3 - Pneumatic by Reg Morris and Robert J. Payne

PR1 - Perfection Mechanical Handstamps, by Maurice Grossman, MCF


PR2 - Perfection Listing Update, by Maurice Grossman and Thomas

Washington MCF p.1272.

PR3 - Perfection Mechanical Handstamp Machine by Reg Morris & Bob Payne


PV1 - Potter & Vail Machine Cancels by Jack Hilbing, 1987

PV2 - Potter & Vail, an update by Jack Hilbing, An Anthology of Machine

Postal Markings, Volume 2 December 1992, Machine Cancel Society.

RCM - Rapid Canceling Machines. by K.F. Olson, (LE, AM, DO, BA,

UN). (Types, no usage).

RCM1- Rapid Canceling Machines, Data Book Number 1, by K.F.

Olson. (AM, BA, AC, BF, IN, HA, MH, PN, DO, CO).

Early usage, no types.

REM - REM Catalog of 771s by Roy Mooney

SSC - SLOGANS - U.S. Postage Stamp Centenary Cancels, by Thomas

Washington, MCF p.953.

SAIR- SLOGANS - Air Mail Saves Time, by Thomas Washington, MCF

p.913 and p.1321.

T - U.S. Slogan Postmark Catalog, 1936. by D.W. Tucker.

Time-Marking (see Cummins).

TBS - The Bureau Specialist.

TN1 - Tennessee Machines by L.Steve Edmondson

TPO1- Terminal R.P.O. Machine Cancels, by Gene Funk, MCF p.661.

UN1 - Universal Machine Cancels Used in 1909 to 1912, by Eugene

Funk. MCF p.286.

UN2 - Universal Machine Cancels a Preliminary Typing System and

Listing of Early Usage, by John W. Koontz.

UN3 - Universal Machine Cancels by Bart Billings.

UN4 - Universal Machine Cancels, Revision 2, by Bart Billings

UND - Universal Model D Machine Naval Cancels, by Eugene M.

Funk. MCF p.576.

UNN - Universal Model K Machine Naval Cancels, by Eugene Funk.

MCF p.476-477.

UK1 - Universal Model K Machine Cancels by Richard E. Small.

UK2 - Universal Model K Machine Cancels by Richard E. Small & Bart Billings

USCCN - U.S. Cancellation Club News (1956 - )

USCCQ - U.S. Cancellation Club Quarterly (1951 - 1955).

(named changed to U.S. Cancellation News).

VVB - Classifying the U.S. Bi-Plane and Mono-Plane Slogan

Cancels, by Vi VandenBoom, Linns 5 March 79, p.94 and 95.

WI1 - Straight Line Postmarks of Wisconsin, by Wisconsin

Federation of Stamp Clubs.

WI2 - Rural Branches of Wisconsin Post Offices. WPHS, 1989.

WIF - Flag Cancellations of Wisconsin Post Offices,

by K.F. Olson.

WPG - Weekly Philatelic Gossip by Arche Pike

XX - XX Killers (1946 - 1955), Paul H. Segnitz, Editor.

Note 1: The reference abbreviations are decided as follows: A

reference that is machine specific (about one machine only) would

have the machines abbreviation and a number, a reference that is

State or County specific would have the State or County

abbreviation and a number, and references covering more than one

machine would have either the authors last name, abbreviated or

an abbreviation that is now in general use.

Note 2: A reference with a machine abbreviation (column 2) and a

plus mark (+) indicates an update to the latest reference.

Column 4 - Year(s) or EKU LKU - The dates the postmark has been

observed either by a cancel or a reference. EKU - Earliest Known

Usage, LKU - Latest known Usage. A dash (-) between dates indi-

cates continuous usage and a slash (/) indicates missing years.

Note: An asterisk (*) prior the manufacturers letters

indicates the earliest date listed is an installation date and

not necessarily the EKU.

Column 5 - Value. The value as indicated by the reference in

Column 6 or a "Keyword" for a slogan.

Column 6 see Column 3.

Column 7 - INS or Remarks - Notes, as follows:

- Copy in Authors collection (on postcard).

+ Copy in Authors collection (on cover).

AOD - Airport Dedication

BFS - Butterfield Stage Centennial

c - Photo copy in authors collection

FDC - First Day Cover

FFC - First Flight Cover

LD - Last Day cancel of post office

PMA - Post Master Autograph

POD - Post Office Dedication

POV - Post Office View

V - View of city or town

x - Copy in Authors collection (on piece).

WT - Copy in Willett-Thompson Reference Collection,

PMCC Museum, Lyme Village (Bellevue), Ohio

CREDIT: "Postmarks and Postal Markings from the Dec 6, 1987

record of the Willett-Thompson Section Collection,

Margie Pfund Memorial Post Mark Museum, Bellevue, Ohio.

(Available on Microfilm from the PMCC)

Yx - Copy in other collections, where x is:

Y1 - PMCC Museum, 2x4 Reference Collection

Y2 - J.Howell, Littlerock, CA

Y3 - R.Payne, Thousand Oaks, CA

Y4 - G.Myer, Reding, CA

Y6 - E.Peyton

Y7 - F.Langford, Pasadena,CA

Y8 - D.Gary, Campbell,CA

Y9 - G.McGowen, Ventura,CA

Y10 - T.Bourn, Lawndale,CA

Y11 - R.Stehle, Belmont,CA

Y13 - M.Ludeman,Irving,TX

Y14 - Jim Williams

Y15 - Jim Forte,Las Vegas,NV

Y17 - Jim Felton, Little Rock,AR

Y18 - Robert Patkin, Georgetown, MA

Y19 - Robert Scales, Bakersfield, CA

Y20 - Bob Bush, Providence, RI

Y21 - Carson Hibbert, Mendon, IL

Y22 - Columbia Exhibit, Chicago 1992

Y23 - Flordia Collection of R.C.Feinauer

Y24 - Bart Billings

Y25 - Dave Prouix, Baldwinsville, NY

Y26 - Dwight D. Deter, Mitchell, SD (part of WT)

Y27 - Dr.Frank Sheer, Alexanderia, VA

Y28 - Tom Stanton, Oxon Hill, MD

Section II - Experimental Machines

Each page is arranged the same as the production machines in

section I.

? Mystery Cancels Date Reference

?A Brooklyn, NY 1908 MCF-435

?B Washington, DC 1906 MCF-435

?C Doylestown, PA 1897 MCF-541

?D Hartford, CT 1965 MCF-1336

?E New York, NY 1892-93 MCF-385

?F New York, NY 1893 MCF-385

?G Washington, DC 1892-93 MCF-385

?H Washington, DC Sta C 1892 MCF-385

?I Washington, DC 1906 MCF-435

?J Brooklyn, NY 1906(08) MCF-435

?K Los Angeles, CA 1915 MCF-1371

AB Barnard, George Ezra Barnard, Patents and Applications

by Bart Billings - This data has been incoporated into the

master database using a manufacturer code of AB (for Ameri-


Cheshire (Pettee) see White

Constantine (see Groth-Constantine)

ES Eskholme (MCF-1489)

New York, NY (Mailers Postmark Permit Number 19)


ET Ethridge (The Postal Historian's Note Book by K.F. Olson)

EV Evans, MCF-643,-1366

GC Groth-Constantine Machines and Postal Markings by Reg Morris

and Bob Payne

GE Geary, MCF-401,-493,-1182

GF Goff-Hursey, MCF-135,-236,-269

JU Judd (MCF-1536)

KI Kirk-Rudy, MCF-1025

KR Krag (Norway), MCF-155,-342,-1352

MC Mack, MCF-1371, Cancelograph Co, Los Angeles, CA

Martindale (see Cummins)

MH Milam & Holmes, MCF-111,-187,-521,-1567

MY Myers, MCF-135,-161,-301

PA Palmer, MCF-821

Pettee (Cheshire) see White

PH Pearson Hill (England), MCF-347,1491

PV Potter & Vail, MCF-83,94,119,205,1413

TL Tilton, MCF-1232

WH Whitehead, MCF-214,1088,1428

WT Cheshire (Pettee), White Sewing Machine Co. MCF-237,-623,-1706



SECTION III - ILLUSTRATIONS (under Construction)

Table of Contents Page

1. American Postal Machine Co, Boston, MA

1.1 The Straight Bar Cancels (Morris) 3-1

1.2 The Wavy Line Cancels (Morris) 3-2

1.3 Flag Cancels (Langford) 3-3

1.4 American Service Marks (Morris) 3-3a

2. Barry Postal Supply Co, Oswego, NY (Morris) 3-4

3. Barr-Fyke Machine Co, Kansas City, MO (Morris) 3-5

4. Columbia/Ielfield, Silver Creek, NY (Small) 3-6

5. B.F.Cummins Co, Chicago, IL (Geschwinder,Morris) 3-7

6. Diagraphic-Bradley (Geschwinder) 3-8

7. Doremus Machine Co, Washington, DC (Langford) 3-9

8. Hampden Stamp Canceling Machine Co, Holyoke, MA

(Bond) 3-10

Ielfield (see Columbia)

9. Intelex Systems, INC, Standard Elektrick A.G.,

West Berlin, Germany (Harvey) 3-11

10. International Postal Supply Co, Lewistown, PA

10.1 To 1910 (Morris) 3-12

10.2 Modern Electric Machines (Funk) 3-13

10.3 Hand Driven Machines (Small) 3-14

10.4 Hand Driven Machines (Billings) 3-15

11. Krag Machine, Oslo, Norway (Small) 3-15

12. Leavitt Machine, Boston, MA (Payne) 3-16

National Cash Register (NCR) see PB Mark II

13. Pitney-Bowes, Stamford, CT (Small) 3-17

14. Pneumatic (Bond) 3-18

Time-Marking (see Cummins)

15. Universal (now owned by Pitney-Bowes)

15.1 To 1920 type system (Billings) 3-19

15.2 Model K type system (Small) 3-20